Tesco is set to scale down the sugar content in each of its own-label drinks in what it claimed to be an attempt to offer healthier options to its customers.

It is recommended that sugars should not exceed 5% of people’s daily diet.

The UK government will introduce Sugar Levy in the Soft Drinks Industry as an important part of its childhood obesity strategy and it will be effective as from April 2018.

Beginning from Friday November 11, Tesco stores all over the UK will have the newly formulated drinks for its customers.  In fact, some of its products, such as Tesco cola will have their sugar content reduced by half.

Less Sugar, Healthier Soft Drinks

According to Matt Davies, CEO Tesco UK and Republic of Ireland, this measure was part of the seller’s policies to ensure that the food it sells is healthier by cutting on the sugar, salt as well as fat in its own-label products.

Customers should not worry about the newly formulated drinks’ taste. Davies was quoted saying that they have actually worked to ensure that their soft drinks “still taste great, just with less sugar”.  He added that Tesco clients are presently ingesting on average more than 20% less sugar from the retailer’s soft drinks than in 2011.

Tesco has cut the sugar content in its assortment of 251 soft drinks since 2011, with 100ml having less than 5g.  In addition, it has lowered the salt, fat and sugar amount in over 4,200 of its own products since 2012 and plans are in place for reductions in additional 1,000 products every year over the next three years.

By taking this initiative, Tesco hopes to make it somewhat easier for consumers to live a healthier life.

Move Welcomed

Diabetes UK CEO Chris Askew welcomed Tesco’s initiative saying it will help customers to live healthier lives.

Four million people are said to be living with diabetes in the United Kingdom, with 90% of them suffering from type 2 diabetes.

According to estimates by Diabetes UK, more than 1 out of 16 people in the United Kingdom has diabetes – diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Askew said the same measures by other manufacturers and retailers are important in dealing with the rising rates of obesity in the country. He further said that “making the healthy choice the easy choice” will be helpful in tackling the rapidly growing number of individuals developing type 2 diabetes.