The Hogs Back Brewery, located outside Guildford, Surrey, has launched an investment plan to the tune of £400,000 geared towards boosting its production by 30%.

The brewery which is famed for its ‘Hogstar’ larger and ‘Hogs Back” ales  installed three new fermenting  and maturation vessels on October 1, 2016 in its expansion plan’s first phase, one of which has the capacity to hold 80 barrels of beer, and the other two hold 120 barrels.  There are plans to build four additional 120-barrel fermentation vessels.

The brewery has also planned to construct three new hop stores, plus a racking building. There are further plans to install a new boiler and refrigeration system as part of its investment. A new warehouse onsite which is intended to start operating by spring 2017 is part of the expansion plans.  The current one will be converted into a visitors’ centre. According to the brewery owner, Rupert Thompson, the investment will increase production capacity by around 30%.