Rhokett Desserts, which is a high-class cheesecake company, has opened its third factory in Kent, doubling its capacity and creating 50 new jobs. The company supplies Marks & Spenser as well as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

The company, which was established in 2001 with the help of Chef Gary Rhodes, OBE, secured £1.5m in bank fundings from HSBC to finance the new 22,000sq ft factory, which is its second factory to be set up in the village of Hawkhurst. While £900,000 of the loan went towards putting up the factory, a £600,000 asset finance facility from the bank was used to fund the premises’ fit-out.

According to chairman, Peter Le Voir, Rhokett doubled its capacity in response to high demand for its customised desserts, cakes, plus related products.  He said the company took pride in the contribution it can make which includes the provision of growing employment opportunities.

The firm’s current annual turnover stands at £12 and there are plans to increase it to £15m next year.