Mice infestation attracts a £60k Fine to a Bakery . A Birmingham bakery has “earned” a £60,000 fine, thanks to mice infestation following detection of droppings in the entire building.

The Bakery which is located in Sarehole Road, Hall Green makes cakes for Druckers chain of Patisseries. Druckers Vienna Patisserie has 28 outlets across the country which includes in Birmingham Bullring, Manchester and Crawley.

Birmingham Magistrates Court heard how environmental health officers visited the bakery in June, 2015 and found the mouse droppings.Patisserie Holdings PLC which is Druckers’ parent company was consequently slapped with a £60,000 fine. The court also ordered it to pay additional £5,690 in costs. At an earlier hearing in September, the company was charged under the Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations 2013 and pleaded guilty to four offences.

A Patisserie Holdings spokesman was quoted saying that the firm had a “comprehensive and robust food safety management system” aimed at ensuring that high hygienic standards were always maintained at the bakery.

“Hygiene Deficit”

The Patisserie Holdings PLC spokesman expressed the company’s disappointment following the Birmingham City Council’s discovery of what he termed as “shortfall in hygiene” standards in the course of their inspection at that time.

The spokesman reportedly said: “In response to the inspection, Patisserie Holdings has implemented a number of improvements to ensure that the bakery continues to maintain the highest standards of food hygiene.”

The Birmingham City Council had something to say.

“People should be able to have confidence in the safety of the food served and cleanliness of any food business in Birmingham – regardless of whether it’s a factory, retailer or restaurant” said the Birmingham City Council’s Licensing and Public Protection Committee chairperson, Councillor Barbara Dring.

Attain the Required Standards

Councillor Dring said the council wanted food companies in the city to flourish. Hence, the officers do work closely with food business premises to make sure that they attain the required standards to allow them to operate safely.

Meanwhile, another company was handed a £3,000 fine on November 9.This was after Potato processor Glenview Foods pleaded guilty to six food safety offences that included failure to appropriately clean its facility as well as conduct pest control.

This was after sandwich manufacturer Deli Sensi was prosecuted for offences related to food safety following the finding of rat droppings in the place where food was being processed.