Kellogg has confirmed its plan to close one of its plants in Germany as a result of what it termed as a “thorough analysis’’ of its cereal system. Out of all Kellogg’s European sites, the Bremen plant was reportedly suffering the largest volume decline.

The Manchester factory, which employs 400 permanent staff and an additional 100 contracted has seen about 100 jobs lost, thanks to “Project K”. It is three years since the firm embarked on this four-year cost cutting scheme whose objective is to mitigate dwindling cereal sales.


The company, which still sustains about 400 jobs cut 79 jobs at Wrexham in 2014, and additional 30 in November 2015. A spokeswoman for Kellogg, however, warned that the firm’s remaining sites in Europe, including Valls in Spain and Wrexham, Manchester would need to address the problems it faces by “significantly reducing their costs”.

David Gill, USDAW’s national officer welcomed the Kellogg’s current commitment to its UK operations as “good news”.