Tyrrells is planning to roll out its brand to North America, where staff will be recruited locally. The company was acquired by Amplify Snack Brands based in U.S. for £300M in August this year.
According to Tyrrells MD Mike Hedges, the firm will have no business in the U.S neither will Amplify have any business in the UK. Tyrrells will take Amplify’s SkinnyPop brand and others and roll them out in the UK; likewise, Amplify will take Tyrrellsbrand and roll it out in the North American continent.

300 employees

Currently, Tyrrells has over 300 employees in the UK and approximately 500 globally. It will need more staff for its operations and over the next three years, will hire hundreds globally.
Last week, 70% of food firms were reportedly less confident about their future following Brexit vote. But Tyrrells ruled out the possibility of UK’s plan to leave the European Union affecting its recruitment or expansion plans because even during the 2008 recession none of its top crisp brands were affected.