Following announcement about plans to open a £3.5M factory by the end of April this year, Sausage manufacturer Heck has plans of creating 50 jobs.

The new facility is located in North Yorkshire.  According to Heck, the roles will be across production, purchasing, human resources as well as new product development.

The sausage manufacturer Heck co-founder was quoted saying: “We look for people with confidence – people who have personality and a can-do attitude.”

He further added: “Of course there are specialist roles within the business but we’re very open to the idea of people changing career paths. That’s what’s brilliant about Heck — there are no job titles and there’s no glass ceiling.”

The new 1,985m2 factory will boost the company’s capacity and also assist in expanding its product range.

 “Room for Expansion”

Company Spokesperson “We currently only have space for two production lines and the new factory will cater for four or five, plus room for expansion.”

While the expansion will help in increasing production for the UK market, the company was not planning to export its products. This is due to the fact that everything it produces is fresh, making shelf life a limiting factor.

Presently, Heck employs 70 workers across several roles whose age averages at 25. Andrew teamed up with his wife Debbie, together with their three children to start the company in 2013.

Heck predicted a £18M turnover for 2017, with sales hitting £11.2M in 2016. The company’s volume of sales grew 170.12% over the past three years.

Rated as Fastest Growing Food Company

In December, Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 report rated Heck as the country’s fastest food company. It also ranked it as Yorkshire’s fastest growing company.

Marketing and events planner Jack Tate was reported saying: “Anybody can make a good fit but it’s great if you are forward-thinking, fun, spontaneous, willing and self-driven.  We’re very much all in it together.”

In the meantime, QA has announced its plans to create five jobs. This is after it sought approval for a new £500,000 factory expansion in Shetland.