Amazon is opening a new fulfillment centre in Warrington where it will create 1,200 permanent jobs. And that is not all.  The online retail giant has giant plans to hire 5,000 employees in the United Kingdom.

The renowned online retailer will recruit for several roles that will include managers, human resources, engineers, as well as IT specialists.

Amazon is due to open four new fulfllment centres this year and Warrington is one of them.  Last year, it announced its plan to open fulfilment centres in four locations including Daventry, Doncaster and Tilbury and create 2,300-plus jobs.

The company is set to increase its UK fulfilment centre network’s size in order to cope with its customer demands that are on the rise, increase selection, and also assist small as well as medium sized enterprises that are marketing on Amazon to increase their business.

Amazon automation technology

According to the company, the Warrington centre will be equipped with its robotic technology.  Apart from accelerating order processing time, it will cut labour jobs by actually moving the shelves to workers.

The Director of UK customer fulfillment, Stefano Perego was reported saying: “We are thrilled to begin recruitment for 1,200 new permanent roles in Warrington with competitive wages and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.”

An excited Perego added: “The Amazon teams are dedicated to innovating in our fulfilment centres to increase efficiency of delivery while enabling greater selection at lower costs for our customers.”

Amazon will open its first receive centre in Coventry next year where it will create 1,650 full time positions.  It will serve as the ‘nerve’ centre where millions of products sold on will be received and sorted.

Hire 5,000 full-time employees

The company disclosed that it is planning to hire 5,000 workers on full-time basis in February with its total UK workforce hitting 24,000-plus.

Earlier, Amazon UK country manager Doug Gurr had reportedly said: “We are creating thousands of new UK jobs, including hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities, as we continue to innovate for our customers and provide them with even faster delivery, more selection and better value.”

In the meantime, Bakkavor’s recruitment drive is ongoing. It has revealed its plans to recruit more than 300 workers across three of its sites in the last two weeks.