A 3D gummy printer, which is reportedly the “world’s first” is about to charm UK customers.  Katie’s Magic Candy Factory will be launching its bespoke sweet service in shopping centres all over the UK.

The 3D printers are specifically designed to ‘’print” gummy sweets and the candy manufacturer has entered into partnership with both Intu and Calendar club to launch its factories in various shopping locations by the end of November, 2016.

Shopping centres which will host the production locations are Braehead in Scotland, Lakeside in Essex, and Merry Hill in Dudley.

Launching In the Home Market

Melissa Snover, founder of Magic Candy Factory was quoted saying that it was not only very exciting, but also something that was close to her heart. This was due to the fact that their company was UK-based and was in a position to launch in its home market just before Christmas, within its first year of trading.

Katjes’ Magic Candy Factory which has 100 printers operating in 40 retail locations across the globe is based in Birmingham, and boasts of kiosks in France, Germany, Dubai, and Qatar. It has also recently launched in the U.S.

With 3D printers, consumers can design their personal confectionery creations within five minutes or less, ranging from messages on greetings cards to gummies shaped like animals.

Snover further said that it was ‘’crazy” to say that the company attained that in under six months. To her, saying it out loud ‘’sounds ridiculous’’

The Only Ones in Their Market

According to Snover, the company was alone in their market, something that is very rare. Although many times a firm could be the best, being the only one that is capable of doing what you do is extremely rare.

Snover believes that the business has a wonderful opportunity as well as responsibility to 3D printing and confectionery to set out and ‘’spread magic’’ across the globe.

The factory has an ambitious plan which it terms as “totally scalable” and looks forward to launching in more than 1000 locations in the next three years.