Tomlinson’s Dairies, located in Minera, has won a lucrative supply contract from a north Wales major supermarket, and is in the process of expanding its operations. The current production is 95Ml of milk and this development is estimated to create 60 new jobs.

The planning committee of the Wrexham Council is set to hear the site’s three-stage planning on October 3, 2016.

Already, the planning committee’s report has indicated that expanding a cold storage area and providing another office space will be done in the first stage.

Cold-Storage Capacity

The next phase will involve the completion of the requirements of the cold storage, the replacement of the raw milk silos, and improving areas surrounding the factory building.

The final stage will involve constructing a building to be used in producing milk in glass bottles on-site.

Some residents and businesses are concerned with higher noise and traffic levels expected. They have raised objections to the proposal, but the plans have already been supported by Mineral Community Council which has suggested that this can be addressed by screening coupled with improved soundproofing.

The Wrexham Council stated that the local economy would benefit considerably from this development.