Author: Sabbir Hossain

Mars broadens dessert range with Galaxy cake launch

Confectionery and treats manufacturer Mars aims to broaden its offering in the frozen desserts sector with the launch of its new Galaxy Chocolate Mousse Cake. Available from March, the cake has a chocolate biscuit base, which is layered with two flavours of chocolate mousse. The cake is then topped with Galaxy milk chocolate drops. Boost its sales​ Mars said it hoped the cake would help boost the company’s frozen desserts sales. The UK’s total frozen desserts market – excluding ice cream – is currently worth £173.5M annually, up 2.2% year-on-year, with sales of confectionery branded products continuing to perform...

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DEFRA to launch review of farm inspections

A comprehensive review of farm inspection is to be launched by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), as it aimed to scrap the red tape preventing farmers from focusing on issues such as animal welf Announced by environment secretary Michael Gove yesterday (February 20), the review will look at opportunities for improving regulation and enforcement pre- and post-Brexit to remove bureaucratic burdens placed on farmers. The review, to be led by former ceo of DEFRA’s Animal Health Agency Dame Glenys Stacey, will seek ways to reduce duplication and allow farmers to concentrate on upholding key environmental...

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Exempt gene editing from GMO rules

Gene-edited crop production could be set to become more widespread after a leading EU lawyer claimed the technique should be exempt from genetic modification organism (GMO) rules. However, he added that, were the rules to change, individual EU Member States could still regulate against them, should they choose. Organisms obtained by mutagenesis should not be seen as GM unless they contained nucleic acid molecules or other GM organisms inserted through laboratory methods, a preliminary opinion piece published last month by EU advocate general Michal Bobek has argued. The advice, which isn’t legally binding, came ahead of an EU court...

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Steve Presley Replaces Paul Grimwood as Nestle USA CEO

Steve Presley, a 20-plus-year Nestle veteran, will be promoted to CEO and market head of Nestlé USA, effective April 1. Currently chief finance and strategic transformation officer for Nestlé USA, he will succeed Paul Grimwood, who will remain non-executive chairman until May 2019. Presley began his career with Nestlé at the company’s beverage factory in Suffolk, Va. He held various roles within the Beverage Division, including vice president of finance and vice president/general manager of Premium Ready-to-Drink Beverages. In 2009, he was named president of Nestlé Business Services, and in 2013 he was appointed CFO of Nestlé USA. In...

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Before Meddling in U.S. Elections, the Russians Picked on Food

Before the Ruskies started influencing U.S. elections, they cut their digital teeth spreading hoaxes about American food poisoning incidents. At least that’s the story in today’s (Feb 21) Wall Street Journal, which reported on its front page about a 2015 Thanksgiving incident in which 200 people in New York City went to the hospital with food poisoning from a Koch Turkey Farms bird sold at Walmart. Except it never happened. The fictitious story began on a cooking website forum, then spread to Twitter, where it was repeated hundreds of times, many apparently by legitimate U.S. citizens who were simply...

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